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Detect 10+ Vital Stats including BP with just a selfie video.


What can Vista detect?

Vista is an AI-powered and video-based platform that allows calculating key bio vitals for a person's face.
Multi-modal AI-powered innovation that enables anyone to understand, measure and access a wide range of biomarkers using a smart device(s) including phones, tables and computers.
Ask questions on any biomarkers in your report, its ranges or calculate vitals like Heart Rate, blood pressure, heart rate variability, heart oxygen saturation, stress and energy level and overall wellness score. We are always researching and innovation to bring the more to you.
Vista - Report

Get a detailed report for your health stats

Our technology has been designed and tested across various lighting conditions and across all Fitzpatrick skin tones. The approach allows us to work in various spectrums of environment and surroundings without compromising on accuracy and reliability.
We are committed towards equitable and accessible healthcare for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Who do we serve?

Want to consume our models as API and/or SDK in your existing application, workflows or other medical/healthcare systems? We do provide our product offerings via API and SDK for following industries and purposes


Insurers can accelerate their digital transformation and automation including underwriting, claims processing alongside offering patient wellness programs and health incentives. They can also leverage our platform health analytics and customer acquisition.


Corporate and communities can improve the health of their employees and members by making Wellness initiatives and programs actionable and comprehensive. Our comprehensive approach brings all things health and wellness in a single mobile app and web platform. In short, we are Holistic Health companion.

Health Care Providers

We understand the commitment and challenges faced by providers. Our platform brings operational efficiency and supports outcome based care including telehealth, remote monitoring, population health policies or patient engagement.

Wellness Score

How is Vista Wellness Score calculate?

Our wellness score is an reference indicator of your health with key focus on cardiovascular health. Knowing the wellness score help you understand details on your health and, if required encourage you to consult with healthcare professionals. It will also motivate you to improve your lifestyle, track progress. Remember our objective is holistic health and wellness for you and your loved ones.

Vista wellness score is calculated on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 indicating poor wellness level, and 5 indicating excellent wellness level). We do provide score at single decimal point to improve precision.

We take following parameters into account to calculate the wellness score

  • Blood Pressure, less than 120 for systolic / and less than 80 for Diastolic
  • Heart Rate between 60 to 100
  • HRV, depending on age, the range is 25 to 105
  • Oxygen Saturation between 95 to 100
  • Breathing rate between 12 to 20 BPM
For Investigational Use Only. Medista and/or its products like Vista (Vital Stats) is not a substitute for clinical measurements or medical examination, treatment offered & conducted by qualified and certified health care professionals. Medista & Vista focus is to improve awareness and empower people towards their health and wellness goals. Medista and/or Vista do perform any diagnosis, prescribe, treat, offer alternatives, mitigate or prevent any medical conditions, disease, symptoms, and or any physical or non-physical disorders including mental. Do ensure and always consult with a healthcare professionals & providers, emergency services or help lines if you believe you may have a medical or mental issue or disorders.
Frequently Asked Questions


ViSta stands Vital Stats associated with your health data e.g. blood works, oxygen saturation, heart rate variability, etc.
We measure blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, stress levels, energy levels and wellness score.
We benchmark them to well-established standards to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Ensure your face is evenly and well illuminated with single source of light
  • Ensure stability of the camera, it best to mount/place it or keep it stable
  • Ensure there is no source of light behind you or directed towards camera
  • Avoid people movement around, and/or behind you
  • Ensure you don’t have face or forehead covered with anything
We do provide general recommendations for information purposes only. Please ensure that you discuss and review those recommendations with your doctors. Also the data provided by should not be used for any clinical or medical purpose.
Our contactless monitoring technology extracts information that allows us to calculate various factors like blood pressure using a combination of technologies including deep neural network, computer vision, signal processing and our proprietary algorithm. What is unique about us is we use our own AI Platform, ANAI, Computer Vision platform Apture, and ANAI LLM platform.
We are passionate about holistic health and wellness, and our passion makes us believe in doing whatever we can, be it innovation, revolution or continuous improvement. We are humble and hungry to make positive health and wellness for you and your loved ones.
ViSta stands Vital Stats associated with your health data e.g. blood works, oxygen saturation, heart rate variability, etc.
Yes, Medista measurement works on all six skin tones classified and defined in Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification.
We do not save images or videos for the users. For us the user privacy and data protection is the core of everything we do.

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