Meet Serenity: Mental Wellness for Everyone

  • Your personalized mental wellness friend, coach and counselor 
  • Always Available, with empathy, awareness and intelligence 
  • Serentiy leverages cutting edge LLM technology, trained on proprietary algorithms and validated by qualified Psychologists 

Serenity is your personal therapist on the go with added features

Serenity, your 24/7 mental coach

Serenity offers accessible mental health support without time constraints, financial burden, or social stigma. With Serenity, you can address issues promptly, avoiding emotional bottlenecks that impact personal and professional life, providing a non-judgmental and confidential platform for seeking help.

Self-exploration using our EAR methodology

Empathy, Attention, Respect. Facilitates self-introspection by offering personalized guidance for open expression. Through interactive dialogue, and leveraging in-house EAR methodology, Serenity facilities reflection on emotions and behaviors, fostering deeper self-awareness. Consistent engagement with Serenity can lead to greater understanding of oneself and personal growth.

Take Tests & Assessments

Self-assessment by providing interactive tests tailored to various aspects of mental health and well-being. These assessments can help individuals gain insights and personalized recommendation in emotional state, coping mechanisms, and areas of strength or improvement.

Check-In and Emotion Tracking

Offers check-in and emotion tracking features, allowing regular monitor and record their emotional states. Through simple prompts or journaling capabilities, users can document their feelings, thoughts, and experiences over time.

Get In Touch

Talk to serenity

Communicate with Serenity as you would do with a therapist. Download and get started.

API Services

Interested in using our Features in your App or need any customization for your practice or enterprise? We offer features via our API, enabling you to leverage and embed Serenity in your Application, Product or Platform. If you are looking for something customized for you, our Engineering team can help you in your journey. Our approach, mindset and platform are ‘OPEN’. Let’s work together towards Mental Wellness across the globe!

Privacy and Security

We prioritize privacy and security by employing stringent measures to safeguard user data. All interactions are encrypted and stored securely, ensuring confidentiality and preventing unauthorized access. You can feel confident in sharing openly and honestly, your privacy is protected at all times.

What our customer says

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Frequently Asked Questions


No. As a fact, it acts as an assistant and/or companion for therapists, coaches and psychologist. You can share your interactions and engagements with your coaches and therapist. Please note, you address any acute or emergency mental health issues, please see licensed professional or call the help line in your city/state/country.
True answer is it depends on you and your goals. We have found that people who use it 2 to 3 times a week have experience significant benefits and improvements.
We are currently not offering this feature. We are working on exploring few options and working with our channel partners. Soon we will be adding this feature.
We believe in holistic wellness and total care. Human mind and body are one ecosystem, and it a known fact that your thoughts, your diet, your medical condition are all one integral system.
No. However, it is a great tool for individuals who want to do self-exploration, or believe in self – help and track their emotions. The 24/7 accessibility makes it an amazing wellness companion
Our focus is to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach. Hence we have features like Self Exploration, Test and Assessment, Quick Check In and conversation. We are working on making few more features available.
We firmly believe that every application out there has a purpose. We found that most of the apps are either offering point solutions, cookie-cutter options without any personalization and most important have limited or no awareness of context. Our effort is to address those gaps and raise the bar.
From our lens, no one. Our overarching goal and purpose Mental Wellness for everyone. Hence, any app or solution for mental app is truly helping in our purpose can’t be our competitor, we consider all of them partners in the mental health ecosystem, with their own strengths and features.

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